Energy Healing Session: $100 {75 minutes}
In a healing session, Laura begins with a centering process to calm the mind, access a sense of compassion, and become fully present with you. She then focuses her intention on your highest good and will place her hands lightly on your body and begin to move blockages that you may have. This process is believed to balance and realign energy flow that has been disrupted by stress, pain or illness. The process eliminates blockages in the energy field. Before the session starts you will have a consultation to discuss anything that is of concern to you.


Flower Essence Therapy Consultation: $125 {60-90minutes}
Flower Essence Therapy is an extremely effective way of maintaining emotional health just as proper diet and exercise are used to maintain physical health. An individual does not need to be actively experiencing negative emotions in order to benefit from Flower Essence Therapy. Virtually everyone can benefit, whether they are feeling bad or not. During a consultation, you will sit with Laura to discover your personality type. You will also discuss your goals, your relationships, recent or past traumas to identify any patterns or habits that are not serving you well or that may in fact have a destructive influence on your life. At the end of the consultation you receive your customized bottle of flower essence tailored to address your specific concerns. You will take 4 drops of this remedy, 4 times a day for approximately 3 weeks. This customized flower remedy will help you achieve your optimal state of mind.